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Alan Walker: Faded
(128 MB zipped)

Includes tracks from other artists inspired by and composed as a tribute to Walker, in his style,
expanding on the theme for an interesting journey in electronic dance music.
Pretty awesome–one of my favorites.

Shpongle: Codex VI (191 MB  zipped)

Shpongle: Museum of Consciousness (139 MB  zipped)

Shpongle is an electronic band from Germany, composing/performing in the styles of Tangerine Dream/Kraftwerk/Jean-Michel Jarré, and others of similar styles.  Also one of my favorite artists.
If you like them, email me and I’ll put up six (6) more (older) CDs of theirs for you to download.

I will leave these up on my site until Wednesday, December 13, at midnight, after which time they will be removed to prevent scumbags from finding them and stealing the goodies.